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Thermostat Gas Controls   

CustomPipeBurners.com has high quality Robert-Shaw thermostat gas controls which are ideal for smokers, smokehouses, deep fryers, hog roasters, pig cookers, and many other set-temperature control range applications. These thermostat gas control units are all-in-one assemblies which do not require electricity to operate. They have a built-in safety so that if the pilot light extinguishes, the gas to both the pilot and the burner(s) will be shut off within 20-30 seconds. Thermostat gas control units come with thermocouple, pilot light with tubing, piezo spark-ignitor to light the pilot, a temperature probe, and a 3/8” ID outlet gas hose. These pieces are all 5'-6’ in length.  Thermostat gas control units will turn the burner on and off based upon the set temperature control range. They can be used with low pressure propane or natural gas;  maximum inlet pressure is 0.5 psi.  VIDEO: How to Automate a Pipe Burner

CustomPipeBurners.com has as experienced gas specialists to assist you in the selection of  the appropriate thermostat gas control for your application. Email a drawing of your application (with dimensions and pictures if possible) to: info@CustomPipeBurners.com.  A gas specialist will study the materials before they contact you.


RSTC210-600 - 210°F to 600°F Thermostat Gas Control     OUT OF STOCK


RSTC210-600 - 210°F to 600°F  - Robert-Shaw thermostat  gas control, temperature control range of 210°F to 600°F.    Includes: thermocouple, pilot light, spark ignitor, temperature probe, and a 3/8"ID gas hose.

With a wider temperature range, this unit is great for ovens, fryers, griddles, BBQ pits, or smokers.  Since the temperature control range of this unit is wider, it permits use in a greater number of cooking applications.   

Wt. 4#.    Free shipping to the 48 contiguous U.S. States.



CustomPIpeBurners.com ships Thermostat Gas Control  units free of freight charges to Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, and to all 48 contiguous U.S. States.