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Venturi Gas and Air Mixers

A venturi is used to mix gas and air before it goes to a burner.  Venturis are often used with a black drilled pipe or stainless steel pipe nipple (pipe burner) that is capped off or in a variety of special applications where the air and gas mixture is being sent to the burner. Burners can be a remote cast iron burner or a pipe burner. 

Our venturi has a 1 1/4" FNPT outlet for larger gas volumes, to be used usually with a 1 1/4" Inner Diameter Pipe.
It can be used with low or high gas pressure propane and natural gas depending on the orifice chosen. 



A125AM - 1 1/4" Cast Aluminum Venturi Gas and Air Mixer


A125AM - 1 1/4" Cast Aluminum MONSTER Venturi Gs and Air Mixer.

- Aluminum Casting Made in Houston, Texas
. Made-in-U.S.A.

- No Paint Needed, No Rust and Light Weight.

- It has a 1 1/4" Female Normal Pipe Thread Outlet.
- To be used with High Pressure / Low Pressure Propane or
   Natural Gas.

- The flat top surface is 4" in Diameter by 2 1/2" in height.
- The height of the venturi with an orifice is approximately 4".

- Includes an Aluminum Air Shutter, Insect Screen Guard and a 
  90 3/8" Flare Orifice, with #61 Orifice for High Pressure Propane.

- Alternatively, a 180 3/8" Flare Orifice fitting is also available.
- Drilled to custom orifice size depending on your specified fuel and 
  length of pipe burner or specified burner at No Extra Charge.

(For alternative orifice or custom drilled orifice please let us know the
  information in comment box section when added to shopping cart).

   For High Pressure use we recommend the COM3 regulator/hose.

   For Low Pressure use we recommend the COM5 regulator/hose.

   The Optional CVO Needle Control Valve with Orifice.

   Also available with a C-Pilot Assembly.

Weight 1#. Free Shipping within the 48 contiguous U.S. States.

1 1/4 Female Threads          1 1/4 Female Threads
                            Female NPT Oulet Threads 1 1/4"

The photos below show the different Options which can be choosen from the drop-down menu above the price.


          Cast Aluminum Venturi, Air and Gas Mixer         Cast Aluminum Venturi, Air and Gas Mixer
          A125AM with 90 Degree Orifice, $ 149.95

          A125AM with CVO Neddle Control Valve Orifice, $ 179.95

          Cast Aluminum Venturi, Air and Gas Mixer with Pilot Assembly     Cast Aluminum Venturi, Air and Gas Mixer with Pilot Assembly
          A125AM with C-PILOT Assembly, $ 229.95





Venturis are shipped free of freight charges daily to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Washington, California, and all contiguous U.S. States.  We ship to all countries in the world, including Canada and Australia on a daily basis.