About Custom Pipe Burners

CustomPipeBurners.com manufactures pipe burners in-house on CNC milling machines. This insures consistency and reliability. The production of a quality pipe burner is a multi-step process, with a number of checkpoints along the way. The end goal is to produce a burner that self ignites with the ignition flame traveling quickly from one end of the burner to the other and having an even flame height from one end to the other.   Our venturis, like most of our product line, are of our own design.   They are designed to mix the gas and air evenly and properly so that a deep blue flame is achieved.   A yellow flame indicates incomplete combustion and that is a waste of expensive gas.   We want the bluest flames in order to generate the highest amount of heat from the fuel used.

CustomPipeBurners.com is a division of a larger company which manufactures outdoor cooking equipment and custom cast iron burners for retail, commercial, and industrial applications.   Our parent company also sells all kinds of gas hoses, quick connect fittings, and gas regulators.  
We often sell a pipe burner with one of our Control Valve Orifices.    The CVO is a proprietary needle valve controller along with the proper gas orifice combined in one unit.   This specialized needle valve will allow one to attenuate the level of the flame right at the burner;  which, in most instances, is the most convenient place to do so.  Before any pipe burner is shipped, it must pass flame inspection testing on a test bench.   A technician will light up the burner and make any final adjustments as needed.   We want the burners we ship to work right out of the box.
If you have a need for a custom pipe burner (also called a stick burner or tube burner) we encourage you to email us a drawing, dimensions, and photographs.   Email to: info@CustomPipeBurners.com.  A pipe burner specialist will study the information and promptly call you back to discuss your project. This approach allows our specialists to think about your project for a bit before the conversation with the customer is started.